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MacGregor & Knight offered the lowest rate with the shortest closing time. They really helped us achieve our financial goals.

Amanda Seyfried

Multifamily FHA/HUD Loans

It’s common marketplace knowledge that HUD is the provider of the apartment sector’s most cost effective, longest term, best leverage, fully amortizing, non-recourse, assumable financing.

Regrettably, the perception which overrules this is that the process is problematic, perhaps even catastrophic; that the bureaucracy is insurmountable and that the funding might take forever to finalize.

Because of this, the majority of multifamily real estate investors rarely consider their most suitable source of funding, simply because they’ve heard the reports that HUD loans are the worst. Well that’s simply not true, at least in our experience. The hard truth is that HUD insured loans, apart from being grossly misunderstood, are among the best and most underused resources in the marketplace.

Our team of FHA/HUD loan experts exist exclusively in order to provide services to our industry leaders seeking HUD financing. With clear and reasonable expectations, as well as a well communicated schedule, expectations and requirements, our staff are successfully collaborating with multifamily investors who have never considered a HUD loan – in addition to those who have and had a problematic encounter as a result of hiring a less-than-fit financial middleman.

Our multifamily loan advisors partner with industry leaders and financiers that fund billions of dollars in loan volume annually. We understand the advantages and disadvantages, the niche markets, and the ability of each team to perform. Our underwriting is comprehensive and missteps are meticulously prevented by means of transparent communication and extensive work on our side. We offer confidence of performance. Our staff are professionals who specialize in preparing FHA insured loans.

Call us today toll-free at (833) APT-LEND to consult with a multifamily FHA/HUD loan expert, or complete this form to arrange for a complimentary assessment.

MacGregor & Knight Multifamily Loan Specialists

Lower Rates, Responsive Experts, Quick Closings, Quality Customer Service

Multifamily Loan Options Include:

  • LTVs from 80%
  • Fixed rates from 3.75%
  • Amortizations from 30 years
  • Non-recourse
  • 45-day closings

Call Toll Free: (833) APT-LEND