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Multifamily Mezzanine Loans
Multifamily and Apartment Mezzanine Financing

Mezzanine loans have emerged as a prominent type of secondary, or subordinate funding in today’s commercial real estate market place. Despite the fact that mezzanine loans, when it comes to commercial mortgages, are not regarded as a conventional methods of financing, their benefit is inarguable, and for the ideal clients (both borrower and lender), mezzanine loans are an indispensable resource.

As a merchant building contractor seeking to optimize your IRR, occasionally you may need maximum advantage since the amount of equity is typically more costly than non-recourse debt. Various other times you merely require additional leverage in order to keep liquidity readily available for other opportunities.

When aiming to develop your capital stack, the starting point is mezzanine financing and preferred equity. Even though multifamily as well as commercial mezzanine lending institutions commonly prefer to have a recorded second mortgage as security, a pledge of stock is also an alternative with regard to securing your mezzanine funding; this is generally described as preferred equity, and while there often isn’t any type of true equity or waterfall criteria, the security on its own is equity.

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Sample Mezzanine Financing Loan Terms For Multifamily and Commercial Property
Terms as of August, 2016

Amount:                     $3 million and up

Term:                          Coterminous with first

Interest Rates:           9% – 16% interest only

Fees:                          3% – 6%

Maximum LTC:            85%

MacGregor & Knight Multifamily Loan Specialists

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Multifamily Loan Options Include:

  • LTVs from 80%
  • Fixed rates from 3.75%
  • Amortizations from 30 years
  • Non-recourse
  • 45-day closings

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